Monotoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) Coordinator


Town/City Nairobi

Application Deadline : Date 10-Aug-18

Duration -1-2 Years

Provides supervision to: Project Officer – Grant Support

Grade Level: 15

Location: Nanyuki

Provides supervision to: Two locations, 5 Technical Specialists and two accountants, driver as applicable

Purpose of the position:

The MEAL coordinator will establish an effective monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning system, with roles to develop, review and implement a robust Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning framework and tools to facilitate measurement of progress; enhance compliance of IMARA Program with World Vision and consortium partner’s standards, policy frameworks and best practices in achieving efficiency and accountability as per donor requirements.

He/she will: 1) promote learning; 2) provide guidelines and standards for the Program plan/design; implementation, monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning of field level based Program interventions and; 3) ensure compliance with relevant norms and policies.

The position holder must be able to communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.

Major Responsibilities

Program Planning, 25%

  • Ensure that Program is planned/designed in accordance to the agreed partners/donor standards by providing requisite tools including templates, guidelines and review tools.
  • Provision of IMARA Program partners with strategic direction in the planning/designing processes
  • Together with the Program team and consortium partners, organize and facilitate Strategic/multiyear Plans/designs and budgets for the overall Program.
  • Coordinate and support IMARAconsortium members to generate designs and plans for their components of the Program in their respective counties and Program sites.
  • Together with NRT & SEI partners, review and update log frames, M&E Plans, Program indicators and periodic targets and detailed implementation plans.
  • Support develop clear and implementable work break down structure for respective Program activities
  • Together with the identified partners identify and document the geographical coverage of each partner and produce a RS/GIS activity /Program map.
  • Together with the finance team, ensure realistic scheduling of Program activities and budgets.

Implementation, co-ordination and quality assurance,25%

  • Coordinate the successful roll out and implementation of all MEAL related initiatives among the partners
  • Support the Program partners to develop appropriate implementation strategies for the Program.
  • Develop and disseminate clear business processes for respective MEAL components and Program implementation planning procedures/ business processes for partners
  • Develop and support implementation of Program MEAL annual calendars
  • Lead the process of organization capacity assessments for potential local partners.
  • Lead national partner capacity building initiatives on Planning, M&E, Accountability and Learning
  • Ensure that respective consortium staff are provided with requisite MEAL technical support to perform.
  • Coordinate the successful roll out and implementation of all MEAL related initiatives for the Program among partners.
  • Coordinate inter-country exchange meetings on M&E for lessons learnt and upscale to regional programme level intervention
  • Develop fully cross-functional and effective working relationships between and amongst key local partners, Secretariat, Northern Rangeland Trust (NRT), Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and Sida
  • Coordinate effective implementation and delivery of measurements (Characterizations studies, Baseline and Evaluation Surveys) in collaboration with key partners.
  • Coordinate and facilitate timely review and sharing of all Program documents; plans/designs and reports.
  • Support all field level Programs to implement, monitor and evaluate interventions as per standards and procedures of the donor
  • Ensure that business processes, standards and policies – developed in coordination with other implementing partners – are effectively implemented by all partners;
  • Develop and share for use requisite standardized MEAL programming tools including templates, guidelines and review tools for assessments, designs/plans, baselines, evaluations and reporting.

Monitoring, Reporting and Accountability, 25%

  • Take lead in the design and implementation of a monitoring framework to track delivery against program objectives.
  • Monitor and coordinate activities of partners/service delivery organizations, including the (process).
  • Coordinate, participate and report on technical field monitoring visits.
  • Take charge of collating and analysing data and synthesizing information, updating the monitoring matrix and other monitoring tools in place.
  • Ensure timely analysis of monitoring data and dissemination to key stakeholders for management decision making.
  • Support remote sensing and GIS Mapping of Program activities, Outputs and Beneficiaries in all the Counties
  • Ensure the appropriate use of information management systems in compliance with WV Kenya, GoK, and Sida and in line with partnership agreements.
  • Coordinate reporting from partners and support the Program team and consortium members to gather relevant data and compile and submit quality reports on the Program implementation and any other reports required by Sida and/or any of the partners.
  • Provide regularly updated reports to the Program director /secretariat on the status of implementation against set objectives and targets. Additionally, the incumbent will work with Programme teams to ensure timely and quality technical reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual) as per WV standards and donor requirements.
  • Support establishment of accountability mechanisms for the program to enhance information sharing and complaints and timely feedback flow.

Research, Learning and Knowledge Management,20%

  • Take lead in the analysis of data collected under the monitoring framework for assessment of progress and areas for improvement.
  • Coordinate periodic reviews/evaluations of IMARAinterventions using appropriate methodologies such as LQAs to determine achievements
  • Together with SEI and other consortium partners, coordinate and undertake Program baseline and end line surveys are undertaken as scheduled.
  • Ensure that the Program assessments, feasibility studies and or characterization processes are conducted in a timely manner and quality reports are produced as per standard.
  • Together with SEI and NRT partners, undertake operational researches/action researching, in producing scientific, analytical and evidence based products for implementation in years
  • Coordinate inter-country exchange meetings on MEAL for lessons learnt and upscale to regional programme level intervention
  • Establish effective knowledge management mechanisms including documentation and sharing of innovative/promising/best practices or lessons learned and impacts;
  • Ensure that lessons learnt and reports are documented (printed, visual) and published for sharing with the donor and other partners;
  • Organize and conduct learning forums/events at regular points to facilitate learning by the consortium partners
  • Facilitate ongoing and collaborative learning within WVK and partners based on key data from the performance management system.
  • Through the Project Communications Officer ensure the effective communication of and about the Program with beneficiaries, WV Kenya, Consortium Partners, GoK, Sida, and other partners

Others 5%

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience:

  • The holder of this position must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Agro-forestry, Range Management, Environmental, Biosystems Engineeringor related studies
  • Post graduate in, M&E or Statistics or related studies
  • Minimum 5 years professional experience in project/Programme design implementation and M&E
  • Must be results orientated as well as manage and satisfy multiple and at times conflicting organizational, donor and other stakeholder demands;
  • Experience in the execution of development cooperation projects and consortiums;
  • Understanding of market systems strenthenings,Dryland Agricultural systems, peace and governance;
  • Must also have ample experience in public relations and be a strong team player and;
  • Deep understanding and ability to work a fragile often interfaith context.

Other Competencies / Attributes:

  • Must be able to provide spiritual leadership within but not limited to chapel and daily devotions;
  • Must have outstanding oral and written communications and relationship skills,
  • Must have excellent coordination and conflict management skills and
  • Must be willing to perform other duties as required.
  • Office based environment with frequent travel to the field;
  • Travel required: up to 50% domestic travel and occasional international travel
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