Grants Finance Manager – IMARA


Town/City Nairobi

Application Deadline : Date 10-Aug-18

Duration -1-2 Years

Reports to:Program Director

Grade Level: 15

Location: Nanyuki

Purpose of the position:

To take lead, in the financial aspect of the IMARA Program, through monitoring and managing IMARA annual budgets, financial reporting for management, donors and partners. Implementation and maintenance of accounting and financial internal control systems in line with WVI Field Finance Manual in order to ensure appropriate level of security for the IMARA Program funds and resources. Facilitate external audit and review of the all the partners under the IMARA Program.

This position is expected to oversee the financial aspects of the partners (Sub-grant management) in the IMARA Program through conducting financial management and risk assessment of sub-recipients, capacity building, budget negotiation and preparation as well as review and monitor their financial performance. To ensure all partners in the program adhere to the standards of the IMARA grant.

The position Holder must be able to communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.

Major Responsibilities:

Secured continued funding and donor relationship: 10%

Manage in line with donor and WV requirements all financial demands for the IMARA budget

Preparation and negotiation with the donor on the proposal budget including any amendments

Lead the budget negotiations process with sub-recipients to ensure accurate and reasonable annual budgets.

Preparation of Principle Recipient Technical unit budget. Database with individual as well as consolidated annual budget available.

Sub-recipient monitoring and capacity building: 20%

Manage and ensure Sub-recipients have internal control systems in place such that accounting records are complete, accurate and are maintained on a consistent basis within the generally acceptable accounting principles.

Take lead in continuous improvement of the quality of documentation/financial reports submitted by sub-recipients as a result of training sessions conducted.

Ensure timely submission of reports by sub-recipients to enable review and consolidation of report for timely submission to donor as a result of training sessions conducted.

Under-take field visits to ensure financial reports can be linked to the programmatic reports

  • Thorough review of submitted financial reports, all sub-recipients are privy to information as to their performance, avenues for improvement and what is expected of them.

Financial accounting: 10%

  • Maintain accounting vouchers and files of IMARA Program partners.
  • Train sub-recipients (partners) with weak capacity in developing internal controls and accounting records.
  • Provide confirmation of availability budget prior to expenditure being incurred under the IMARA Program.
  • Review and timely submission of Program financial data to finance or incorporation into the Ledger

Financial reporting: 30%

  • Ensure financial reports are received from sub-recipients, reviewed and consolidated and available to assist in decision making.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports for the Principle recipient to ensure, spending is monitored to and it is in line with the approved budget. Variances explained.
  • Consolidate financial reports from Sub-recipients with that of the PR for timely submission to the associate director grants for review and subsequent submission to the Swedish Embassy. This ensures timely disbursement of funds from the Sida to the Program. Subsequently, Sub-recipients receive disbursements on time thus timely implementation of planned program activities.
  • Timely response to any queries relating to the financial aspects of the grant from Sida, WV NO, WVI partnership, Auditors and Sub-recipients.

Cash and asset management: 5%

  • Manage the entire Program liquidity process to ensure adequate funds are available to meet sub-recipient disbursement requirements and arising obligations.
  • Review monthly bank statements.
  • Ensure an updated Asset register is maintained.

Risk Management and audits 10%

  • Carry out monthly and quarterly analytical reports submitted to the Finance Director and Management.
  • Capacity assessment of Sub-recipients financial management systems on their ability to manage and report accurately on the grant funds.
  • Manage the Audit process of all partners of the program as per Sida requirements. Follow up on implementation of audit recommendations

Administration: 5%

  • Ensure all copies of final signed Grant agreement documents with Sida and sub-recipients are available on file.
  • Facilitate storage of financial reports and records pertaining to the Program in line with Sida and WV requirements.
  • Attend Program Quarterly Review Meetings and give feedback, updates and recommendations on the financial aspect of the IMARA Program.

Capacity building, 5%

  • Provide technical support to grant finance officers under iMARA to acquire adequate knowledge of the Program to perform duties with minimum supervision.
  • Ensure Grant finance officers have undertaken suitable capacity building opportunities to enhance performance.

Any other duty 5%

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, priorexperience or on-the-job training:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Communications/Journalism or other relevant trainingfrom a recognized university;
  • Minimum four (4) year’s professional experience in communications, journalism orpublic relations.
  • Experience in writing/communication of NRM/Environment and Climate Change (ECC) and other L&R Initiatives will be preferred.
  • Excellent oral and writing skills; ability to convey complex information in astraightforward, interesting and motivating manner;
  • Must have good photography skills;
  • Competent in new digital platforms and devices and traditional office applications (Word, Power point and excel);
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